Chiha Project Intro

Working closely with our European partners, White Horse Cuisines is scheduled to launch the new Chi-Ha Brand premium precooked cuisines product line and the Chi-Ha Franchise partnership program. Chi-Ha takes full advantage of the innovative food technology of White Horse Cuisines, a line of product that provides premium quality food taste that can be shipped and stored across the globe in normal room temperature conditions. This means the Chi-Ha sterilized food packs are contamination free from germs and viruses, whist resistant to temperature and humidity changes during transportation that may potentially lead to food safety risks, and lastly, a great save of cost for using normal shipping containers instead of refrigerated containers.Chi-Ha is a collaboration between premium quality authentic Chinese taste and Young x Straight Forward x Internet Style design language, in order to achieve an all new “visual x aromatic x palate”full sensual experience of Chinese cuisines, radically different to the long impression and stereo-types of Chinese dining experiences from China Town being old-school, serious and even a little too complicated sometimes.

Chi-Ha:A Real Taste of China

China Culture is certain to reintroduce itself to the world, as China participates and plays a growing role in the global economy and future development. While the world has clearly recognized Japan for its anime and Korea for its K-Pop, unique popular cultural symbols of China known to the world are yet in lack today. Chinese food has the potential to become just that culture symbol, as food tasting experiences are instant, straight forward and contain minimum cultural barriers for people of other cultures to appreciate and enjoy. Hence, Chi-Ha borrowed from ‘Chi-Hao吃好’, the Chinese term of Bon Appétit, hopes to become what you say when you enjoy our food.

The ancient Silk Road brought many of China’s food inventions to middle Asia. As of today in 2022, the most well-known praises of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, apart from the management of Covid-19 in the bubble, were about the great tastes and wide variety of Chinese food in the Olympic Village. Athletes from around the world shared the food they sincerely enjoyed to the world via social media, expressing the shock of amazing sensation the authentic Chinese food tasted compared to what they had expected, or even same dishes they have had before in their China Town. These videos also went viral in Chinese social media, since it made Chinese people feel very proud when their cultural heritage is respected by friends around the globe. In today’s day and age of mobile internet, the new world led by generation-Z want to taste the authentic Chinese food as presented by the KOLs, and reintroducing Chinese cuisines in the authentic form can be at its best opportunity ever. Yet the complexity of the cooking process, the lack of standardization and consistency in skill set and also the supply chain sourcing difficulties for ingredients of the Chinese cuisines have made this task almost impossible for reaching authenticity, let alone try to convince the revolution of China Town operations. That’s why White Horse Cuisines has come to one conclusion to solving this issue – the export of high quality standardized precooked Chinese cuisine products is the leading step, and to produce in overseas regional markets when the market evolves.

Chi-Ha Ready Meals · Born Ready

White Horse Cuisines has incorporated its premium precook technology for the Chi-Ha line of products. No freezer containers needed throughout the international shipment process. Initial global product launch set in Q3-Q4 2022 in Europe with our European distribution partners. Chi-ha guarantees to bring the authentic Chinese taste, for Europe’s Chinese food lover to enjoy.

A Chinese Pop-culture Brand with global Pop-culture ambitions

The world knows how much Chinese love their food. Chi-Ha is the abstract from the plain and simple term of ‘Bon Appétit’ in China, this expression is also the most commonly used greeting line amongst family and friends, and represents the most basic form of happiness for any everyday Chinese Joe. The access to great tasting food is not only the daily Dopamine of Chinese people, but also the grass roots to centuries of Chinese culture and lifestyle. We hope one day people from around the world can share that same greeting and the cultural values behind it.

Chi-Ha represents the wise and hardworking Chinese people’s efforts to use innovative technology and new retail operations to bring real Chinese food to the table, and with a bit of luck, promote Chinese food culture through forging a global pop culture food brand.