About White Horse Warehouse

O2O New Retail

In 2016, with the media resources and international brand partners of White Horse, the group set sail to explore the future of new retail via White Horse’s fully owned online-2-offline channels of the White Horse Warehouse project. As an O2O membership club, international signed brands and cross-boarder products are sold and promoted through WHW’s online WeChat App and offline retail stores at the same prices, providing speedy and efficient delivery services in major cities.

Frequently visited by Ambassadors and Consul Generals to establish business connections

White Horse Cash & Carry not only signs international brands for local distribution of product, but also ventured a global factory tailor model, visiting brands and factories around the world to directly source products that suite Chinese consumers needs. White Horse Cash & Carry has become a popular stop for many Ambassadors and Consul Generals of other countries to China, establishing friendship and contact connections for quality products around the world.

良仓·良膳 多元化发展

WHW is particularly focused on Food and Drink, merging low frequency high loyalty products like wine with high frequency daily necessary products such as food cuisines together. Since 2018, WHW has been investing in R&D for premium pre-cooked Chinese cuisines. 2019, launched an exciting line of products - White Horse Private Chef. Designed jointly with top 5-star Chinese head chefs and fully owned brand and IP, these quality ready-2-eat meals aim to better fulfill daily needs of our members and increase their purchasing frequency to match with the other line of products. Not only has White Horse Private Chef already entered some of top traditional supermarket and retail channels, but also has caught the attention of some major food supply chain companies. WHW is also excited of the future of AI vending and has signed strategic partnerships with leading smart vending machine operators to provide them with our full line of products. The vending machines are mostly located in high demanded locations, such as gated communities, office buildings and universities, etc.