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Established in 1986, White Horse Advertisement Company became a flagship of Chinese 4A advertisement companies for the next two decades. Then on, White Horse evolved into one of China's most significant media groups by building and operating the nationwide bus shelter outdoor media stands in 1996. 1998 White Horse Outdoors partnership with media giant Clear Media Group and launched IPO in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2001, becoming the first Chinese media company to launch IPO in an "overseas" market.

2017, White Horse group has envisioned a standardization revolution for China's food business supply chain is close to come, along with consumers demand for standardized food products on the rise. Thus, White Horse has been consistently investing in the research and development of premium Chinese precooked foods, sourcing and supply chain managing, and neo food brand building. White Horse Cuisines is the product of that vision.

White Horse Cuisines aim to deliver our premium precooked food products to the doorsteps of tens of thousands of homes in China, and eventually to consumers across the globe. Providing these families that lack the time and skillset to achieve quality home food a quick and easy, nutritious and tasty solution. With 5 years of research, over hundreds of recipe designing and tens of thousands of prototype productions, White Horse Cuisine's leading food technology has forged a defining high ground in quality for the non-frozen food category, with high technical barrier, high quality product standards, high level of food security and high production efficiency.

White Horse Cuisines hope anybody with no cooking experience can bring a 5-star chef quality dish to the dining table, in less than 5 minutes with a hot water boiler. We do the cooking, while you save time for many other beauties in life.

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